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Precious Moments Made to Last

From their first breath to their first words, childhood is as precious as it is fleeting. In a blink of an eye, your baby will have grown into an adult, just like you. That’s why for Martha Suherman, photographing babies in their early stages of life is so rewarding. The ability to freeze a moment in time and look back upon it fondly and to see how far they’ve come.

Capturing precious moments for happy parents and adoring families is Martha’s true calling. For her, these photographs are simply priceless because you cannot turn back time. However, it isn’t just for the parents. As babies won’t remember very much, she wants them to have something to hold on to, a memento that will remind them of their childhood.

As a photographer and parent, Martha understands the importance of her work. For eight years, Martha and her husband struggled to conceive, but when it finally happened, she gave birth to her wonderful daughters. From this experience, Martha’s love for photographing children grew. She wanted to take a snapshot of that amazing feeling you get when you finally meet your child. In Martha’s words, “For me, having a baby is the most blessed moment in every mom's life, and also for the entire family.”

As a genre, baby photography is quite challenging. It requires an intimate knowledge of both photography techniques and parenting. According to Martha, you don’t need very much to pull off a successful shoot. The most important thing is to understand the baby itself and make sure the parents understand what’s going on. Of course, safety is the highest priority.

For the adorable photo above, Martha used an ordinary basket and filled it with a pillow and blanket. The idea was to create a comparison between the subject and the environment to help show how small the baby really is. With a few simple tricks like this, baby photography can be an incredibly rewarding hobby.

Martha first ventured into the world of baby photography in 2009. Having met so many babies with different backgrounds and stories, she quickly learnt a few things that helped to ensure a successful shoot. Firstly, always brief the parents on what you intend to get during the session. This includes explaining the different lighting systems you may use, just in case the baby gets upset by the flashing lights. Secondly, inform the parents on the various poses you want the subject to adopt, which usually depends on their age. Thirdly, be prepared for the session to drag on. This depends largely on the mood of the baby. If the baby gets hungry or cranky, they’ll more than likely need some comforting or time to relax. As long as the parents understand these things, the session should go swimmingly.

However, there are a couple things that must be taken very seriously. As you will be dealing with a young baby, Martha stresses that you must take hygiene into consideration. Always wash your hands before touching the baby and wear a face mask if you’re feeling poorly. When getting your subject into position, make sure it is the parents or a trusted nanny that handles the baby. Ultimately Martha says the most important thing is to understand the needs of the parents and have patience.

When asked what inspires her, Martha says that everything on Earth is beautiful and that that in itself should be enough to inspire you to take photos. The true joy of baby photography is working together with parents to create something timeless and beautiful. It’s a never-ending process where you are continuously learning to overcome challenges.

About Martha Suherman

Photography has been Martha’s passion since the year 2000. She loves storytelling with her work, and she’s constantly challenging herself to reach new levels of creativity. Photography enables Martha to share what she envisions in her mind and translate it into visual feats with the help of her camera and her lens. Martha particularly loves landscape and fashion photography, and sometimes a mix of both to create a unique image.