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Puppy Love: One Photographer's Quest to Capture the Perfect Pairing of Cameras & Canines


They say never work with children or pets. But Tamara Lackey, a professional photographer and Nikon Ambassador, used to photographing both kids and pets didn’t take that advice when she was called by Nikon for a project that included photographing puppies. Puppies—not trained dogs that are used to being a part of photo shoots, but puppies—40 of them to be exact.

Tamara says it was a dream project. When you’re an animal lover, nothing’s better than being surrounded by all those cute little doggies for two days.

From pups looking through the viewfinder, to those staring right into the lens from a millimeter away, to puppies dressed up for the holidays, Tamara pulled out all the stops for this project.

She captured the entire campaign of images with the Z 7 mirrorless camera.

“I love shooting with the Z system,” she says. "With the addition of the Mount Adapter FTZ, Tamara explains, “I can shoot with all my favorite F mount lenses too.”


Tamara Lackey is a portrait photographer whose work has been described as "expressive, soulful, funny, beautiful" and has appeared in such publications as O Magazine, Men's Journal and Parenting Magazine. Her imagery has also been showcased on ABC's The Martha Stewart Show, ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and NBC's The Today Show. When not shooting, Tamara is writing about and teaching photography, business and work/life balance at workshops and conferences around the world.