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Imagination at Play

In the world of creative photography, props and surrounding elements are commonly used to create eye-popping images that make the viewer pause and stare in amazement.

Now, what if we show you how you can add more fun and excitement to your photography, simply by using a couple of props or environment around you that you can either find or make yourself?

1. Create a Dreamy Image with a DIY Bokeh Filter

Want to create interesting, custom shaped bokeh effects in your photos? All you need to start with are a large aperture lens and a sheet of black paperboard. Cut and shape the paperboard into a lens hood that fits snugly on your lens. Make a hole in the middle of the paperboard in the shape of the bokeh effect you desire.

Remember to set your camera to manual focus and the lowest aperture for the best effect. Experiment with different cut-out shapes on your paperboard to get that bokeh shot you are looking for!

2. Inverse Your World with a Glass Ball

Placing a simple glass ball in between your camera and your subject can turn a plain landscape into something fascinating. To get the most out of your glass ball shots, begin by choosing your subject and making sure there is sufficient lighting to illuminate it evenly.

It also helps to scout the area for a suitable surface to rest the glass ball on without it rolling all over the place. Even better, have someone assist you by holding it in front of the lens for a more interesting composition.


3. Reflections on Puddles and Mirrors

Puddles left behind by the rain are great for creating a fairy-tale shot out of any scene.

The trick to a perfect ‘puddlegram’ shot is to get your lens as close to the water surface. Tilt your display screen to angle it to and frame your shot perfectly. Similarly, mirrors can also be handy in helping you get wildly creative with your photos. Try capturing your subject together with its reflection for some of the most surprisingly interesting images.

4. Arouse Curiosity with Silhouettes

Framing people silhouettes is another great idea of creative photography. Concerts, firework displays, and sunsets are perfect occasions for these creative shots. With the bright lights from the concert stage or setting sun illuminating your subject from the back, you can create silhouette shots that stand out.

Besides helping you achieve that creative shot, props can also add some context to your photos to tell a story and calm your subjects, especially if they are nervous during the shoot.

Overall, it boils down to using the right settings on your camera and how creatively you use props to make your photos appear all the more impressive!