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Streaming has given many the opportunity to monetise their passion, and make work seem like play. The right setup ensures that you’ll be able to captivate and keep your audience coming back. So, how can you achieve streams with high quality?

If you’ve got yourself a gaming PC, you’re probably wondering if your webcam and built-in mics are going to be adequate enough to produce captivating content for your audience? The reality is, in a competitive environment such as game-streaming, what separates you from the rest would be the ability to capture your unique persona with quality video and audio.

The game you’re playing may seem like the main piece of your content. However, if you look at streamers that have succeeded, you’ll find that the one thing that adds to their success is the ability to react and convey their emotions and personality to their audience.

As such, professional streamers ensure that their setup is capable of capturing the emotions they’re conveying, their expressions on top of the games they’re playing.

Picking the right camera is as important as choosing the right PC. There are a variety of cameras from Nikon that are favourable for such content. The Nikon Z series mirrorless cameras can provide you the ability to create and stream content based on your needs. You’ll be in control of your quality – whether you’re streaming directly via USB or a HDMI cable for 4K quality, the option is available to you from our wide range of Nikon cameras. With Nikon’s Webcam Utility, you’ll be able to turn any Nikon camera into a webcam and achieve up to 4K quality with your streams – it’s a simple and fuss-free software that’s available for download on both Windows and Mac.

The Nikon Z 5 is a compact yet powerful camera that comes with a versatile kit lens — the NIKKOR Z 24-50mm f/4-6.3. This lens’ shooting range of 24mm to 50mm makes it a superb companion for capturing a variety of scenes. However, if you’re looking to up your streaming game just a bit more, you can also consider a lens from the NIKKOR Z range with an aperture of f/1.4 or f/1.8 — these will allow you to bring the focus more to your reactions instead of your background, while maintaining optimum video quality even in low light settings you may encounter. This reliable and all-rounded camera makes for a superb companion to record every winning moment while in-game.

A tripod would be another useful addition to your setup so that you can keep your camera at a constant eye-level or angle it in a different way for different perspectives. Accompanying lighting adds dramatic effect and creates different moods to enhance the production of your stream. You can utilise ambient lights to set a warmer or cooler scene, or enhance the camera’s focus on your face with a ring light so you can keep the attention on you. To further enhance the quality of your streams, you can utilize audio accessories to record sharper and clearer audio quality, keeping your audience tuned in. Nikon audio accessories such as the ME-1, are compact, light and easy to use.

Investing in a Nikon setup lets you have an advantage over other content creators with high quality image and video as well as the flexibility to level up your production capabilities even from the comfort of your home. The versatility of our Nikon cameras will provide you with the choice to be as creative with the content you produce; whether you’re filming outdoors under harsh lighting or indoors with a controlled setup, a Nikon camera gives every streamer and content creator the best range and quality.